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Grizzly Bear Watching

mid-May–October • nature

Take a close look at grizzly black bears in the mountains


March–October • activity

Enjoy Vancouver's coastline and other waterways! Don't miss the beauty of nature, wildlife watching, fishing opportunities, and adventurous boating. It's easy to find the perfect water activity for everyone here!

Night Markets

May–September • activity

During the summer period, you can spend Friday evenings at the night market. This is not only for shopping but also lots of fun and great food!

Seal Pups

May–August • nature

If you have never seen seals before, British Columbia is a great viewing spot. Come in summer for the adorable pups!

Whale Watching

March–October • activity

A truly unforgettable marine experience is guaranteed with the many varieties of whales to be found


April–October • activity

Enjoy a perfect day or two on kayak, surrounded by gorgeous nature and an amazing variety of wildlife


April–October • activity

Some of North America's best rafting opportunities, thrilling moments, and stunning nature can be found near Vancouver

Hiking around Vancouver

May–late October • activity

Vancouver's amazing variety of landscapes, gorgeous views, and wildlife provide some of the best hiking opportunities for everyone!

Windsurfing & Kiteboarding

May–mid-September • activity

Catch the wind and enjoy the sun on an active summer vacation

Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival

June–September • event

With a huge love of Shakespeare and the art of theatre in general, thousands of locals and people from all over the world come to enjoy summer night plays at the Bard Village


April–October • activity

Stunning views and plenty of gorgeous, pristine courses await you

Cycling & Mountain Biking

April–October • activity

For those who adore cycling and biking, Vancouver has lots to offer—from peaceful city cycling to adventurous mountain trails and amazing bike parks

Seafood Season

May–September • food

If you are a seafood fan, late spring is the right time to visit the B.C. and Vancouver restaurants and enjoy a variety of sea fish dishes

Beach Season

June–August • activity

Choose the perfect beach for you and enjoy the sun and water with no worries

Blooming Season

late March–May • nature

Come and enjoy blooming season at Vancouver's parks and gardens


January–mid-November • activity

Salmon is just one of many reasons to try fishing in British Columbia. Come and enjoy world class deep sea fishing together with river fishing


Celebration of Light

not in rangeJuly 29, 2017 | August 02, 2017 | August 05, 2017 • event

Don't miss one of the most spectacular sound and light events in the world!

Canyon Lights

not in rangeNovember 23 2017–February 28 2018 • event

Want to have a magical Christmas evening? Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is the place to be!

Polar Bear Swim

not in rangeJanuary 01 • event

Want to try something extraordinary on the first day of the New Year?

Shambhala Music Festival

not in rangeAugust 11–14, 2017 • event

Come and enjoy one of the largest electronic music festivals in Canada

Bald Eagle Count

not in rangeearly January | 3rd weekend of November • activity

Thousands of bald eagles can be observed near the lakesides. You can even volunteer and take part in the huge counting expedition

Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair

not in rangeMay 19–22, 2017 • event

This huge Country Fair with its amazing Rodeo shows attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year


not in rangeOctober 09, 2017 • event

Being mainly a family holiday, Thanksgiving is a great time to taste traditional dishes and observe different customs

Car Free Day Vancouver

not in rangeJune 17–18, 2017 | July 09, 2017 | August 12–13, 2017 • event

Promote a sustainable environment, active ways of transportation, and enjoy loud parties on the city's main streets

Vancouver Folk Music Festival

not in rangeJuly 14–16, 2017 • event

Dive into the world of music and relaxation on the shores of Jericho Beach Park

Grouse Mountain Light Walk

not in rangelate November–late March • nature

Magical lights, figures, and various holiday installations adorn this special walk. Go straight to Blue Grouse Lake and marvel at the beauty and holiday spirit!

Dragon Boat Festival

not in rangeJune 23–25, 2017 • event

Enjoy this traditional Chinese celebration of the summer solstice with dragon boat racing

Canada Day

not in rangeJuly 01 • event

Become a part of the largest celebration in Vancouver

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

not in range • event

A festival of natural beauty, arts, crafts, and cultural diversity. Enjoy the fragrances and views of amazing cherry trees blooming and lots of various events


not in rangeDecember–March • activity

Enjoy nature in winter and explore unbeaten paths

Summer Fruits and Veggies

not in rangeJuly–September • food

Fresh local food is ready for you! Come and enjoy various food festivals and fresh farmers' markets


not in rangemid-November–February • activity

Diving in cold waters offers no fewer attractions than in the tropics. You can find lots of marine life, beautiful corals, and a real adventure finding treasure among the shipwrecks

Vancouver Sun Run

not in rangeApril 21, 2018 • activity

Take part in one of the largest runs in the world

Gastown Grand Prix

not in rangeJuly 12, 2017 • event

Witness one of the most popular single day races and its long and rich history

Carol Ships Parade of Lights

not in rangeDecember (before Christmas) • activity

Charming lights captivate the city during the festive season. The waterways around Vancouver also have attractions to show

Vancouver Marathon

not in rangeMay 07, 2017 • activity

Join one of the largest running events in Canada

UBC Apple Festival

not in rangeOctober 14–15, 2017 • event

Check out the huge variety of tasty, fresh apples, cider, and apple pies that await you at this festival!

Ice Skating

not in rangeDecember–February • activity

Spend a nice winter evening having fun at the skating rink

Illuminares Lantern Festival

not in rangeJuly 29, 2017 • event

Enter the space of magical summer evenings. Check out the amazing lanterns of various shapes, parades, and performances awaiting you on the last Saturday of July

Alaskan King Crab Season

not in rangeMarch • food

Once a year you can try some of the biggest and tastiest crab around! Don't miss your chance

Game Meats, Pacific Oysters and Sea Urchin

not in rangeOctober–February • food

Late autumn and winter bring game meats and tasty seafood on the table. Choose your favourite!

Skiing & Snowboarding

not in rangeNovember–late April • activity

Charming nature, jaw-dropping views, and world class slopes and trails can be found skiing around Vancouver


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