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Skiing & Snowboarding in Vancouver

Charming nature, jaw-dropping views, and world class slopes and trails can be found skiing around Vancouver

Best time: November–late April

Skiing & Snowboarding
Skiing & Snowboarding

Stunning nature and charming winter scenery await you in Vancouver’s mountains. It's the perfect place to enjoy skiing, heli-skiing, and cross-country skiing.

Kilometres of snowy trails will take you through the dense forests and provide jaw-dropping views of the city and ocean below. Most trails are open from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m. and are lit for amazing night skiing.

Whistler Blackcomb is among the best skiing destinations in the world. Over 3,000 hectares of terrain includes a huge variety of trails and amazing outdoor activities in terrain and adventure parks.

Grouse Mountain offers three terrain parks for beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders. The 26 runs of varying difficulty have something for everyone. Around 14 slopes are lit for night skiing.

Cypress Mountain has 53 downhill runs, 4 terrain parks, and lots of fun for kids and beginners.

Mount Seymour Resort offers fresh powder and soft landings, 4 various parks with different skill levels, and a perfect park for freestylers.

Practical info

When is the ideal period for skiing or snowboarding in Vancouver?

The best months for skiing or snowboarding in Vancouver are usually between November and late April. During that period, there is an optimal amount of natural snowfall. The ski resorts operate at different schedules, usually starting at 9 a.m. and lasting well into the night for those interested in night skiing or snowboarding. Show more

Can you suggest any skiing spots in Vancouver that are not Whistler Blackcomb?

Apart from Whistler Blackcomb, Grouse Mountain, Cypress Mountain, and Mount Seymour Resort are other top skiing destinations in Vancouver. Grouse Mountain is known for its three different terrain parks, while Cypress Mountain is lauded for its beginner-friendly runs, and Mount Seymour is where you can find the best freestyle area in the immediate area. Show more

Except for skiing and snowboarding, what other outdoor activities are available at Whistler Blackcomb?

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Whistler Blackcomb has a range of outdoor activities for its visitors. You can experience the thrill of heli-skiing, take a leisurely snowshoeing adventure, or rent a mountain bike for an exploratory ride. Snowshoeing is a novel way to see the winter mountain landscape, while heli-skiing takes you to remote areas of the mountain only accessible by helicopter, adding a level of excitement to your experience. Show more

Are night ski options available in Grouse Mountain and Cypress Mountain?

Certainly, both Grouse Mountain and Cypress Mountain offer night skiing. Fourteen runs are attractively lit in Grouse Mountain, while Cypress Mountain has nine runs, four parks, and an upgraded lighting system. For night skiing, both resorts are open on Fridays and Saturdays, and you can even buy tickets starting at 4 pm and carrying you through to 10 pm, so you can have an entire evening skiing or snowboarding in these two popular spots. Show more

What are some outdoor activities that children can enjoy at Mount Seymour Resort?

For families visiting Mount Seymour Resort, there is a variety of outdoor activities available for children of all ages. Kids can take skiing or snowboarding lessons at the snow school, the snow tubing park is a hit, and there is a toboggan area for a change of pace. Kids-only snowboarding occurs in the night skiing area on Saturday evenings, providing the little ones the opportunity to enjoy the natural mountain scenery in a controlled setting. Show more

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