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Skiing and Snowboarding in Romania

The Romanian Carpathian Mountains invite skiers and snowboarders to try out the slopes

Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding

One of the best ways to enjoy winter in Eastern Europe is to head to the Carpathian Mountains. Romania has a number of skiing resorts. Poiana Brasov is one of the most popular. Its skiing facilities are almost as good as in the Alps. The highest peak of the Postavaru mountains, being 1800 m high, often doesn't get enough snow, but there is always a plentitude of artificial snow. The Bușteni Skiing Area, another skiing resort, is considered to be one of the most challenging. Other skiing destinations in Romania include Azuga, just 135 kilometers from Bucharest, and Parang - best known for its availability of snow and wild ski slopes. Finally, if you think of yourself as a true professional consider Fagaras mountains, which require hiring a guide, but are a perfect spot for heliski. The season generally opens in December and closes in March, but check every resort's opening separately before you head out.

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When is the best time to visit Romania for skiing and snowboarding?

Romania is best visited for skiing and snowboarding from December to March. The opening and closing of the ski season may vary per resort, so checking beforehand is recommended. While mild, the harsh climate in the mountains during winter requires extra care. Show more

Where are the popular skiing resorts located in Romania?

The popular skiing destinations in Romania are diverse, with resorts located in Poiana Brasov, Azuga, Parang, and Fagaras Mountains. Poiana Brasov is frequented as it's almost as good as its more famous Alpine counterparts. Azuga is popular for its proximity to Bucharest. Parang provides skiing with naturally available snow and wild slopes while the Fagaras Mountains require a guide for heliskiing. Show more

What is the highest peak of Postavaru mountain which is used for skiing?

Skiing is popular at Romania's Postavaru mountain, with its highest peak reaching 1800 meters. While there may not always be enough natural snow available, the slopes cover this with artificial snow. The mountain offers beautiful views of the Carpathian Mountains and thus, is a favorite winter destination. Show more

Which skiing destination in Romania is known for its availability of snow and wild ski slopes?

Parang in Romania is popular among adventure seekers and professional skiers for its available naturally occurring snow and wild slopes. The varying degrees of difficulty can cater to skiers' preferences, making it a popular winter adventure destination. The resort's picturesque views of the Carpathian Mountains are an added bonus. Show more

Are there any challenging skiing resorts in Romania that require hiring a guide?

Fagaras Mountains in Romania is recommended for expert skiers looking for challenging terrain. Heliskiing enables skiing in remote, untouched areas with open powder fields. Hiring a guide is essential to safely navigate the mountain's terrain. Beautiful scenery adds to the resort's popularity among tourists. Show more

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