Best time to visit Switzerland

Summer Skiing

If you missed the skiing season, don't worry. Try glacier skiing in Switzerland during the summer

Summer Skiing in Switzerland 2019 - Best Time
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Snowboarders and skiers in Switzerland are truly blessed. They can hit the slopes even in the summer. Zermatt boasts the highest summer skiing in the Alps and Europe's largest snowpark, located on the Klein Matterhorn. Enjoy 36 square kilometers of snowfields between the altitudes of 2,900 and 3,900 meters.

Summer skiers return to the Allalain top station 2019
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Summer skiers return to the Allalain top station

Also, check out Saas-Fee with its 3,600 m Allalin glacier—a perfect spot to find some snow in summer. The Sara's Fee resort is nestled between 18 peaks of 4000 m, and, according to the words of one of the photographers, the revolving restaurant beneath the Allalin is a wonderful place to watch the summer skiers.

Cervinia ski resort 2019
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Cervinia ski resort
Zermatt. Mount Matterhorn 2019
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Zermatt. Mount Matterhorn