Best time to visit Alaska

Glacier Hiking

Are you brave enough to feel the power of ice? If so, come to Alaska and discover the breathtaking beauty of glaciers


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​If you are traveling to Alaska, don’t miss a unique chance to see one of the most impressive miracles of nature. Alaskan glaciers are considered to be the most beautiful in the world!

Glacier Bay 2020
Glacier Bay

The best time to hike is from May to September when the weather conditions are the most favourable. ​Spencer Glacier, Raven Glacier, McBride Glacier, and Portage Glacier are the most famous among them. Though there are numerous less known ones as well. You can order special guided tours; there are plenty to choose from. Decide whether you want a half-day or a full day hike and set off on an adventure!​

Portage Glacier 2020
Portage Glacier