Best time to visit Norway

Blue Ice Walking

Walking is always good, but when the hiking setting is a blue glacier—this exercise just becomes way more interesting

Blue Ice Walking in Norway 2019 - Best Time
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© Anita Thoresen

Norwegian glassy landscapes offer a perfect setting for hiking, challenging the walkers with slippery ground, inaccessible ice caves, and amusing with natural ice towers and crevasses. Nigardsbreen glacier is the most hiked one in Norway, even your children may try their hand at the hike if they are 6 years old or above. The guided tours are offered during May through September.

Jostedalsbreen glacier 2019
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Jostedalsbreen glacier
Jostedalen, Norway 2019
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Jostedalen, Norway
Mouth of the Nigardsbreen Glacier 2019
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Mouth of the Nigardsbreen Glacier