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Trollstigen—the Troll’s Road in Norway

Steep slopes and abrupt turns are worth a drive to see the startling sceneries of surrounding mountains and maybe troll's humps

Best time: mid-May–October

Trollstigen—the Troll’s Road
Trollstigen—the Troll’s Road

The trip through this steep serpentine road paved along the mountains slopes, resembling a giant troll's back as Norwegians say, is not recommended to those suffering from height phobia.

Bluffs make it hardly possible to simply look out of the car's window and not to feel dizzy, and abruptly turns able to wring your neck are drivable only for short compact vehicles. In spite of all the risks and inconveniences, breathtaking sceneries, particularly surrounding mountains and waterfalls make the road an extremely popular tourist attraction, drawing around 600,000 drivers every season which lasts from May or June to October or November when the way is not blocked with snow. It is still advisable to check weather forecasts for the foggy days, as milky mists may hide all the beauty.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Trollstigen, Norway for sightseeing?

Visiting Trollstigen, Norway between mid-May and October is advised for sightseeing. Proper weather conditions and open roads are favorable for this time. It's worth noting that it may be dangerous to travel on the road at other times, and visitors must check for foggy weather conditions that may obscure the surroundings. Show more

What is the total distance covered and the travel time to reach the Troll's Road?

Travelers need to cover a total of 106 km distance, from Andalsnes to Vestnes for the scenic Troll's Road. On average, it takes between 7-8 hours to get there, starting from Oslo. En route, visitors can find interesting stops, landscapes, and bridges to admire during the journey. Show more

Are there any restrictions on the vehicle size and type for driving on the Troll's Road?

Driving a specific size or vehicle type is not restricted when it comes to driving on Troll's Road. Visitors are advised to drive smaller, compact vehicles, as the road has steep slopes and narrow hairpin turns where larger vehicles can be difficult to maneuver. Treading with caution is recommended, as there are few spots to pass other oncoming vehicles. Show more

What are some popular hiking trails and viewpoints near Trollstigen?

Several popular viewpoints and hiking trails are accessible from Trollstigen, including the challenging Romsdalseggen Ridge Trail and the Stigfossen Waterfall Trail. For breathtaking views, visitors can head to the Trollstigen Viewpoint or Ørnesvingen Viewpoint, offering panoramic glimpses of the surrounding mountain ranges and the winding roads. Show more

Where can tourists find accommodation options or camping sites near Trollstigen?

For accommodation, tourists have the choice of luxury hotels, cozy cabins, or camping sites available in the towns of Geiranger, Valldal, and Åndalsnes near Trollstigen. Visitors are recommended to book ahead and prepare for peak season surcharges. The Valldal Naturopplevingar, Trollstigen Resort, and Trollstigen Camping provide some of the available camping options for visitors. Show more

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