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Dalsnibba in Norway

A drive to Europe's highest fjord outlook from the road


One of Norway's most beautiful drives is a road from the village of Geiranger to the summit of mountain Dalsnibba. Start driving from Geiranger along the Norwegian County Road 63 until you reach Djupvasshytta, a wooden hut on the shore of Djupvatnet Lake. From there, turn upwards onto the ascending road that will take you to the top of Dalsnibba Mountain Plateau. Nibbevegen toll road to the summit of Dalsnibba is only 4.7 km (2.9 mi) long, but a dozen breathtaking hairpin bends and a steep gradient of 12,3% at some points will keep you in awe. Its serpentine twists and turns are totally worth the view of Geirangerfjord, one of the most photographed in Norway.

The road leads to a scenic platform, Geiranger Skywalk (Geiranger Skysslag) with a spectacular 1500-meter view above sea level. A fjord surrounded with the snow-capped mountains is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Area. By the Skywalk, you'll find a modern building with toilet facilities and a small souvenir shop.

Dalsnibba summit at elevation 1,476 m (4,843 ft) above sea level offers excellent views in any direction. The mountain is often covered with snow at any time of the year. The Nibbevegen road usually opens in mid- or late May and closes in October after the first snowfall. The construction of this road in the 1930s was an engineering challenge, and visitors can find many boards along the way telling the unique history of the road.

If you don't own a vehicle, no worries. There are a few other options to get to the top. Nibbebus runs from the centre of Geiranger up to Dalsnibba from June 1 to August 31. The round trip takes about 2.5 hours with a 15-min stop at Dalsnibba. Local bus FRAM runs three times per day from late June to early September with a 20-minute stop at the summit.

Another option is to climb the ascent to Dalsnibba on a bike. Every year, there is a cycling race From Fjord to Summit running and cycling race starting in Geiranger and ending at Dalsnibba.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Dalsnibba in Norway?

To have a comfortable visit, tourists can visit Dalsnibba in Norway from mid-May to October when Nibbevegen Mountain road opens up, and the weather is favorable. The road remains closed most of the time and only opens between mid to late May till October. Visitors have to be careful while driving as the road can be snow-covered at times. The view from the summit is stunning and makes it all worthwhile. Show more

What is the elevation of the Dalsnibba summit?

Tourists visiting the Dalsnibba summit can enjoy a spectacular view at 1,476 meters (4,843 feet) above sea level. With the Geiranger Skywalk viewpoint, tourists can look at the panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and Geirangerfjord. While visiting the summit, tourists are advised to carry warm clothes as the temperature usually drops from sea level. The view from the summit is breathtaking and makes the journey memorable. Show more

How many hairpin bends does Nibbevegen road have to ascend to Dalsnibba Mountain Plateau?

Nibbevegen road leading to the Dalsnibba summit ascends 12 hairpin bends with a gradient of 12.3% at some points, which can be challenging for drivers. The journey to the summit is shorter, just 4.7 km (2.9 mi), but visitors can appreciate the incredible engineering of the road, and there are information boards throughout. The drive is exhilarating, and tourists can capture stunning views from different angles. Show more

Are there any bus services available to visit the Dalsnibba summit?

If tourists don't have a vehicle, they can use either Nibbebus or the local bus FRAM services to get to Dalsnibba summit. Nibbebus runs between June 1 to August 31 from Geiranger to Dalsnibba, and the round trip takes around 2.5 hours. Local bus FRAM runs thrice daily, starting from late June to early September, with a 20-minutes stop at the summit. Both bus services provide safe and reliable transfer, letting tourists enjoy the spectacular views comfortably. Show more

Is it possible to participate in the cycling race From Fjord to Summit running and cycling race starting in Geiranger and ending at Dalsnibba as a tourist?

Tourists participating in the annual cycling race From Fjord to Summit can experience cycling the 21 km distance with an ascent of 1,500 meters. Starting from Geiranger to ending at Dalsnibba, tourists can enjoy breathtaking views throughout the course. Participants can register online and enjoy the unique cycling and running experience from sea level to the summit. It is a memorable experience for cycling enthusiasts to cycle from the fjord to the summit. Show more

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