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Transalpina Road in Romania

Ride the highest road in Romania with jaw-dropping views of the Carpathians

Best time: mid-May–mid-October

Transalpina Road
Transalpina Road
Transalpina Road
Transalpina Road

The Transalpina or road DN67C is located in the Parâng Mountains of the Southern Carpathians. The road connecting Novaci and Sebeş, Romania, is among the highest in the Carpathian Mountain Range. The road's highest point is Urdele Pass, 2,145 m above sea level. Transalpina is closed during the cold months of the year, namely between mid-October and mid-May. It can be challenging due to bad weather even during the summer months.

Transalpina is 146 km long, trespassing the Carpathian Mountains with serpentine twists, hairpin turns, and scenic switchbacks. The southern end of the Transalpine reaches resort of Rânca. It is very popular with tourists, cyclists and motorcyclists. Early and mid-fall is the best time to see autumn foliage colors before the first snows hit. It usually operates until late November.

Transalpina could be the oldest road in the Carpathians since part of it was built in the 2nd Century AD by Romans during their conquest of Dacia. The modern road was built during the rule of King Carol II and was finished in 1938. Then it was rebuilt during World War II by German troops, that needed it to transport troops and supplies. In 2012 it was completely paved and renovated.

Practical info

When is the best time of year to visit Transalpina Road?

Mid-May to mid-October is the ideal time for tourists wishing to visit Transalpina Road. During this period, the road remains open, and tourists can enjoy the picturesque views of the mountain ranges, which is possible because of favorable weather conditions. Although rain can be expected at any time of the season, the road is less risky for visitors during this period. Additionally, the best time to view autumn foliage colors is from late September to mid-November. Show more

Where does Transalpina Road connect in Romania?

Transalpina Road, also known as DN67C, is a popular travel route that stretches over 146 km, connecting Sebeș and Novaci towns on the Parâng Mountains. The scenic road offers breathtaking views of the Carpathian Mountains and highlights Rânca, one of the southernmost and popular skiing destinations in Romania. Traveling on the road is exciting and adventurous due to the numerous switchbacks, twists, and turns with plenty of breathtaking views. Show more

What is the highest point on the road and its altitude?

Transalpina Road's Urdele Pass, with an elevation of over 2,145 m above sea level, is one of the highest roads in the Southern Carpathian Mountains range. The road stands out for its picturesque landscape, switchbacks, hairpin turns, serpentine twists, and scenic switchbacks. There is a saying locally that the road is the King of all roads, which rightly captures the panoramic view from the peak of the Urdele pass. Show more

When was the modern Transalpina Road built, and why?

The modern Transalpina road dates back to the period of King Carol II, where it was built primarily as a strategic route. It was completed in 1938 and was used by German troops during World War II to transport their supplies and military equipment. The road was rebuilt with its bridges and viaducts reinforced to support heavy military vehicles, including tanks. In 2012 the road was revamped, widened and paved to improve transportation and tourism in the region. Show more

What is the history behind the construction of Transalpina Road by the Romans?

The Romans originally built part of the Transalpina Road in the 2nd century AD. The road was constructed during the Roman conquest of Dacia to serve as a trade route connecting the province to other regions. The road was crucial for transporting gold, silver, and salt, which were abundant in the province. The present-day Transalpina Road was constructed during the rule of King Carol II to link two significant cities in Romania, Sebeș and Novaci. Show more

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