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Brown Bears

Better not to come across a hungry predator just after the end of hibernation season


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Being common inhabitants of Finnland and Russia, brown bears turn out to be a true rarity in Norway. The only area they might be found in Norway is a narrow piece of land south of Kirkness bordering Finnish and Russian territories. Another potential place to encounter a brown bear is Øvre Dividal National Park.

Brown bears start waking up after winter hibernation in mid-April, but at that time it is better to avoid the hungry mammals. The best and safest time for brown bear safari is from June to mid-August, when eating is no longer the priority. At this time, tour operators offer multi-day wild nature watching experience.

In the 19th century, Norwegian hunters were killing 200-300 bears every year which put them on the brink of extinction. As of 2017, 125 brown bears were tracked in Norway. The country's target is to revive its bear population, and this will be possible if 13 bear litters are born each year. However, currently, Norway has been able to reach just half of that number. The majority of the population is located along the border with Sweden, Finland, and Russia, but some bears roam through the forests and can be seen anywhere in mainland Norway.

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