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Brown Bear Watching in Estonia

Brown bears have become a rare endangered species but can still be seen in the wilds of Estonia

Brown Bear Watching
Brown Bear Watching
Brown Bear Watching

Estonia's wild nature impresses with its variety and amount of species. The current brown bear population is over 600 individuals and still rising. They are mostly located in the north-eastern part of the country.

Bears hibernate from November till the end of March. You can meet them wandering in the forest from the beginning of April when they come out with their newborn cubs. Though the best time to observe them is during bright nights from May to June.

In August and September, they look for wild berries and other food in the forests and oat fields. In September and October bears try to find and collect as much food as possible for their winter hibernation. You can enjoy watching bears during organised group and private tours. There are special hiding places with all necessary accommodations and the best places for observing and taking pictures. The guide will provide everything you want to know about brown bears and can lead the group to the best places using his well-honed tracking experience.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Estonia for brown bear watching?

The ideal time for observing brown bears in Estonia is from May to June and September to October. During these months, bears with their cubs search for food in the forests and oat fields, making them more visible. The extended daylight hours between May and June make it easier to observe and photograph them in their natural habitat. Show more

Where can I find brown bears in Estonia?

Estonia's north-eastern region in the Alutaguse forests, Soomaa National Park, and Tudu village are the best sites for observing brown bears. There are specific hiding places in these areas that provide required accommodations and the best vantage points to observe and photograph brown bears. Organized tours with experienced guides and equipment provide a safe way to enjoy the experience. Show more

What is the current population of brown bears in Estonia?

Estonia's brown bear population is thriving, with the current population over 600 individuals and still popping. Conservation efforts by the government and the country's low population density since 1950 have contributed to the population's rise. Protecting their habitat and practicing appropriate behavior is essential to continuing this trend. Show more

How long is the hibernation period for brown bears in Estonia?

Brown bears in Estonia hibernate from November until the end of March. The hibernation cycle entails them seeking dens in late fall or early winter, undergoing drops in body temperature while slowing their breathing and heart rates. After living off their fat reserves during the winter months, brown bears start a new breeding season by coming out of hibernation and searching for food in the spring. Show more

Can I take pictures of brown bears during organized tours?

Organized tours in Estonia provide the opportunity to photograph brown bears from a safe distance under the guidance of expert local tour guides. The guides lead visitors to specific locations with the best views for photographing and observing brown bears. Following guidelines and rules of conduct provided before visiting the site is essential to protect the bears as well as other animals' living environment. Show more

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