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Fishing in Estonia

As a Baltic country, Estonia boasts great fishing oportunities

Best time: late April–September


For those who like nature, water and fish, Estonia welcomes you with a wide range of possibilities. About 4,000 km of coastline and hundreds of rivers and lakes are available for an eventful fishing holiday. For example, Lake Peipus offers a wide range of fishing villages, such as Kalaküla and Altja. And if you happen to be near Pärnu, be sure to drive along the Sauga River for a marvellous ice-fishing adventure.

In Estonian waters, you can easily find brown trout, sea trout, chub, pike, pike perch, eel, Baltic herring, and sea lamprey. The best period for fishing is from the end of April till September. All the local fish is heavily used in Estonian cuisine as well. Coastal towns and villages offer great accommodations for a fishing holiday.

For anglers fishing during the day is unrestricted and no special license is needed. However, if you are using professional equipment you'll need to have a special license or fishing card. This is also required if you are fishing in certain restricted rivers and lakes.

Practical info

When is the best time of year for fishing in Estonia?

Fishing in Estonia is best enjoyed in the period stretching from late April till September. During this season, the weather is relatively warmer and daylight hours are longer, which allows for more fishing opportunities. Night fishing is prohibited, but there are ample chances for fishing during the day. Fishing becomes scarce outside of this period due to the winter cold and the spring spawning season. Show more

What types of fish can be caught in Estonian waters?

Estonian waters boast a diverse variety of fish species. Some of the commonly caught fish include brown trout, sea trout, chub, pike, pike perch, eel, Baltic herring, and sea lamprey. Fish species such as perch, pike and trout are generally found in rivers, lakes, and the coastal region. There are also other lesser-known fish species such as vendace, whitefish, and smelt that can be found in streams and small water bodies. Show more

Is a fishing license required for unrestricted day fishing?

Anglers do not require special licenses for day fishing in Estonia. However, if you plan to use professional fishing gear, a fishing card or permit is required. Furthermore, if you wish to fish in some of the restricted rivers and lakes, you must obtain a permit. Fishing permits for recreational purposes can be obtained online or from the local municipalities. However, note that some fishing locations may have specific regulations on fishing methods and gear. Show more

Where are the best locations for ice-fishing in Estonia?

Sauga River in Pärnu and Lake Peipus are two of the prominent ice fishing locations in Estonia. Lake Peipus boasts a wealth of fishing opportunities in villages like Altja and Kalaküla. During the winter months, the Sauga River provides a fantastic environment for ice fishing. Numerous huts, campsites, and lodges are present for accommodation and a comfortable stay during the fishing tour. Show more

What are some traditional Estonian dishes made from local fish?

The traditional cuisine of Estonia is known for delicacies made from local seafood. Some of the popular dishes made from local fish include suitsukala, which is smoked fish served as an appetizer or main course, and kiluvõileib, which is a sandwich filled with salted Baltic herring. Other traditional recipes include räim või killu kotlet, which is a cake made from smoked sprat, and sulphur-herring, a pickled herring cooked in a beetroot marinade. These dishes provide a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in Estonian food culture. Show more

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