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Deep Sea Fishing in Hong Kong

Try your best to catch the elusive Black Marlin in the Hong Kong's deep waters!

The Southeast China Sea offers excellent opportunities for fishing. The waters are full of Tuna, Grouper, and Snapper among others. Marlin and Sailfish also may show up so there are plenty of opportunities for any keen anglers. April to September is the best time to get offshore and make a memorable trip, as usually from October to March the season is closed.

Private charters leave from Hong Kong every day during the high season, equipped with all necessary fishing gear. Most popular fishing destinations include Kwo Chau Islands, Po Toi Island, Waglan Island, and Sai Kung.

Practical info

When is the peak season for deep-sea fishing in Hong Kong?

For the best experience deep-sea fishing in Hong Kong, it's advisable to go between April and September when the season is open. At this time, you'll have an opportunity to catch a diverse range of fish species such as Tuna, Grouper, Snapper, and Marlin. Furthermore,it's also warm during the season, which makes it more relaxed and pleasant to fish. Show more

What are some of the renowned fishing spots in Hong Kong?

There are several exciting fishing spots in Hong Kong for you to consider exploring. A few of the most popular ones include Kwo Chau Islands, Po Toi Island, Waglan Island, and Sai Kung. Reputable private charters operate daily during the high season, providing easy access to most of these popular spots. Additionally,these charters also offer well-equipped fishing gear. Show more

What is the variety of fish found in Hong Kong's deep waters?

Hong Kong has a rich variety of fish endangered by few environments globally. The deep waters alone offer fish enthusiasts opportunities to hook fish ranging from Tuna, Grouper, Snapper, Black Marlin, and Sailfish. However, there could be variations of species based on the season, so it's adviseable to speak with local experts to gain insights into the kinds of fish available for each period. Show more

Are there privately-controlled fishing charter services available in Hong Kong?

Private fishing charters are operational in Hong Kong. These services cater to individual needs, groups, and even families while guaranteeing experiences tailored to their specifications. The private charters are well-stocked with angling gear. Some charters even provide customers refreshments and knowledgeable guides to assist them in making the most of their fishing adventure. Show more

Is booking a fishing charter during peak season conceivable?

Booking a fishing charter in Hong Kong is relatively straightforward during the high season, running from April to September. Private charters leave Hong Kong daily during this season, and reservations can be made last-minute as well. However, it wouldn't hurt to conduct research beforehand on the most dependable services to use. Pre-booking your trip avoids booking disappointments. Show more

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