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Fishing in Jordan

Private charters provide all the necessary equipment ensuring a delightful deep-sea fishing trip

Best time: May–September


The Gulf of Aqaba is an excellent fishing spot teeming with life. The most abundant species include tuna, bream, sailfish, and trevally. Private fishing charters hold two to four fishermen aboard, and usually last for at least 4 hours and up to 10 hours. All the necessary equipment from fishing rods to bait is provided. Soft drinks are also included in the price. The season depends on the species, but​ deep-sea fishing is available mainly in summer from May to September.

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What are the different types of fish that can be caught while fishing in the Gulf of Aqaba?

The Aqaba Gulf boasts an abundance of aquatic life, including bream, sailfish, tuna, and trevally. Fish weighing between four to twenty kilograms are commonly caught during deep-sea fishing expeditions. The gulf's reef-building corals support a diverse ecosystem, leading to a variety of species that make every fishing experience memorable and fulfilling. Show more

What is the ideal duration for a private fishing charter in Jordan?

The length of a private fishing charter in Jordan depends on personal preference and budget. Typically, charter durations range between four to ten hours, depending on the desired fishing time and catch. A four-hour charter is suitable for beginners, while experienced anglers and enthusiasts might opt for an eight to ten-hour charter. Show more

Can fishing equipment be rented on-site?

Private fishing charters provide modern equipment such as fishing rods and bait. Rental shops along the shorelines are also available, although the Gulf of Aqaba is Jordan's primary fishing spot. Fishing gear rentals may be more difficult to find in other areas. Show more

What is the best time of day for fishing in the Gulf of Aqaba?

The ideal time to fish in the Gulf of Aqaba is from early morning to afternoon since the warm waters provide the perfect temperature for deep-sea fishing. Mornings and evenings are the busiest fish feeding times, while both bottom-dwelling and surface fish can be caught during the day. Fishing in the early morning or evening offers a serene and picturesque backdrop for the activity. Show more

Besides fishing, what other activities can be enjoyed in Jordan during summer?

Jordan offers various tourism activities apart from fishing. Dive enthusiasts can explore Aqaba's clean waters while nature lovers can go camping and trekking in the Wadi Rum region. Petra and Jerash are historical sites perfect for sightseeing, while Amman offers upscale shopping, museums, and fine dining. Visitors can also visit the Dead Sea region for unique spa treatments and leisure activities. Show more

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