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Desert Wind or Khamseen in Jordan

Fancy a sand storm experience? Check out khamseen as dust and grit whirl about the boiling desert with no sky overhead!

Best time: May–June

Desert Wind or Khamseen

Have you ever heard of "khamseen"? This is the name for sand storms that engulf the deserts of the Middle East with dust and grit so that even the skies overhead are barely visible and already hot temperatures increase 10 degrees. Normally people prefer to stay away from the raging sands, though the adventurous craving a new experience visit the desert during khamseen season just for that reason. In Jordan,​ this period lasts for a few days somewhere between May and June. Just wear appropriate clothes to protect yourself from the extreme sand winds.

Practical info

When does the sand storm named Khamseen occur in Jordan?

Khamseen is a sand storm that occurs in Jordan from May to June, lasting for a few days. This weather condition covers the desert in sun-baked dust and grit, causing the skies to be barely visible. Show more

What are the recommended places to witness Khamseen in Jordan?

Khamseen can only be experienced in the desert regions of Jordan, particularly in Wadi Rum. Other notable places to observe Khamseen are Petra, the Dead Sea, and the Dana Biosphere Reserve. However, to maximize your cultural experience, it is advised to visit with a local guide who can ensure your safety during Khamseen and provide a better understanding of the phenomenon. Show more

What should I do to prepare myself when planning to witness Khamseen in Jordan?

To prepare for Khamseen, visitors should pack lightweight and breathable clothes, sunscreen, and sunglasses due to the severe weather conditions. One should avoid outdoor activities on these days, take sufficient water, and stay away from open areas that could decrease visibility. It is also recommended to check on meteorological reports before visiting. This way, you will be adequately prepared to witness this rare weather phenomenon safely and comfortably. Show more

What are some safety measures I should take when viewing Khamseen?

Khamseen can be hazardous, so viewers are advised to remain indoors, avoid walking or driving during the storm, and close their windows to prevent dust ingestion. If going outside is necessary, wearing a surgical mask is recommended. Respiratory problems could be caused by the poor air quality during Khamseen, so carrying medication is essential. Finally, it is recommended to possess personal protective equipment such as a helmet when exposed to the storm. Show more

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