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Best time to travel to Colombia

Tatacoa Desert

Enjoy the beauty of Colombia's second largest dry area with rocky landscapes, amazing cacti, and silence while laying in a hammock

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The Tatacoa Desert actually isn't a real desert. It's an amazing tropical dry-forest where you can reconnect with nature, enjoy beautiful landscapes, rent a bike, and enjoy the sunset or meteor showers.

Apart from this, you can take a guided tour and explore the desert visiting Xilópalos Valley, Red Cuzco, Tatacoa zoo, the Astrosur Observatory, and the Gray desert.

Don't miss a chance to see one of the most famous festivals in Colombia—the Festival of the Stars. Every year in July between the 17th and the 20th this festival takes place in the desert. This event has lectures from astronomy experts as well. Don't worry about accommodation, there are a few options. Villa Paraiso provides private rooms or you can sleep in the desert in posadas provided by local people.

The Tatacoa desert is hot all year-round but the best time to visit is during dry season from June to August.

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