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Dec22 - Jan01:DECEMBER 22 - JANUARY 01:


Barú Volcano

December–April • activity

The hike up the tallest mountain in Panama is one of the most spectacular in the whole world

Coffee Picking Season

December–March  • food

The coffee grown in Panama has a magnificent taste due to the mixture of different cultures

The Old Year Dummies or Judases

December 18–January 01 • event

The Old Year Dummies flood the streets of the Panamanian cities and villages symbolizing the approaching end of the year

Fruits Season (Dry Season)

September–February  • food

Panama is a tropical country with abundance of fruits and vegetables that become ripe during the dry season

Whale Watching

July–October | December–February • nature

Panama is one of the few places in the world where the whales migrate for the breeding season

Surfing Season

December–April, June–July | September–October • activity

Panama's geographic location is perfect for surfing

Watching Sea Turtles

September–December  • nature

Isla Caña and La Marinera are among few public beaches in Panama where you can come and see the turtles nesting


Las Tablas Carnival

February 10–13, 2018 • event

Panama offers a bright and colourful event for you!

Diving and Snorkelling

April–May  • activity

Panama is one of the best places to go diving. You will be definitely amazed by the local underwater world

Dolphins Watching

July–October  • activity

Take an adventurous sailing trip in the company of dolphins

Festival of Corpus Christi

May 31, 2018 • event

The religious festival that will amaze you

Fruits Season (Rain Season)

March–July • food

Panama has an amazing biodiversity and abundance of fruits and vegetables that become ripe during the rain season

Festival de la Mejorana

September 24 • event

The Festival gathers folk musicians and dancers from around the country and introduces the cultural spirit of Panama

White Water Rafting

June–November  • activity

Geographical features of the country with the abundance of rivers and waterfalls, are perfect for water rafting sport