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The Old Year Dummies or Judases 2020-2021

The Old Year Dummies flood the streets of the Panamanian cities and villages symbolizing the approaching end of the year


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Sometimes it happens that you want to change your life completely, so just let old and tiresome things and memories burn.

The Old Year Dummies or Judases in Panama - Best Season 2020

For such days or periods in life, wise Panamanians created the Old Year Dolls Festival. It is often held during the last two or three weeks of the year. For this event, people create dummies, which symbolize everything bad or things that they would like to get rid off. The dolls are generally made of old clothes and filled with dried grass and firecrackers.

Best time for The Old Year Dummies or Judases in Panama 2020

Most of these “dolls” are very simple and anonymous. However, some are very elaborated and made to look like well-known politicians, entertainers, celebrities, outstanding figures etc. They are burnt at 12:00 am on January, the 1st and show that people are starting the year with brand new memories and hopes for the future. Tourists especially like this celebration because it literary helps people to tune themselves into the positive vibrations.