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Mobile Sauna Festival in Teuva 2020

If you like extreme heat, take part in an incredible festival for sauna lovers

Mobile Sauna Festival in Teuva in Finland 2019 - Best Time
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© Eija Sievi-Korte | Siirrettävien saunojen kokoontumisajot

This unusual festival takes place in Western Finland on the lakeside of Teuva town. It features over 50 unique and creative small saunas.

Various spaces, like a telephone booth, a car, or a combine harvester are being transformed into saunas. There are only two rules for every participant—sauna has to be mobile and needs to suit at least one person.

Mobile Sauna Festival in Teuva in Finland - Best Season 2019

The festival started in 2006 with 18 participants. Now it grew much larger and attracts about 6,000 visitors annually to this small town to take part in this festival.