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Cascamorras 2021

Join local fun festival full of running and oil mess


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Cascamorras festival is not well-known outside Granada province. In spite of this, more than 20,000 people take part in this event every year. What do they do? They run through the streets of Baza covered with black oil and through Guadix city throwing coloured paste! The sight is truly unforgettable.

The legend says that the festival arose as a result of the struggle between the two cities behind the coveted statue of the Virgin Mary. Baza, the statue’s home, challenged Guadix to try and make it to the church without being paint-splattered by any of the townspeople to win the statue. So nowadays the Cascamorras tries to steal the statue. Also, the locals try to dabble everything with black oil paint.

Every year this unique festival takes place on the 6th of September in Baza and in Guadix on 9th September.

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