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King Mango Strut 2022

The weirdest event you may ever see, but the one that will make you laugh and relax


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On the last Sunday of each year, Coconut Grove becomes a colourful arena for humor and satire. The King Mango Strut is a fun and silly event for people of all ages. For over 30 years Miamians have been keeping this event alive, making it more and more popular every year.

Satirical costumes, marching bands, and floats focus mainly on local, national, and global events from the past year. Hundreds march, drawing attention to issues like the rising sea level, solar power initiatives, or inflated prices. Tens of thousands of spectators come to Coconut Grove every year—the King Mango Strut is all about wacky costumes and real huge smiles and laughter.

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