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Miami Broward Carnival 2024

Be involved in the amazing rhythm and real carnival spirit of the Miami Broward Carnival. Enjoy the beauty and glory of everything you'll see!

Dates: October 5–13, 2024

Miami Broward Carnival

Every October, the Miami Broward Carnival gathers over 50,000 spectators and over 18,000 participants and performers on the weekend preceding Columbus Day. Amazing costumes, great music, numerous concerts, and competitions await all guests of Miami at this time. The main event is usually held at the Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds, but there are lots of festivities all around the city. The Miami Broward Carnival is about celebrating the Caribbean's culture, traditions, and art heritage.

The Carnival highlights include the Carnival King and Queen Panorama's crowning, the Junior Carnival, and the Miss Miami Broward Carnival Pageant. This event brings much fun for all ages, celebrating beauty, top-world music performances, and amazing entertainment.

Carnival J'ouvert (October 12, 2024)

This vibrant celebration features plenty of Calypso and Soca bands and crowds dancing right on the streets. The Parade traditionally starts before dawn, and participants, covered in oil and various pasty materials, dance, hailing the rising of the sun.

Parade of Bands (October 13, 2024)

The main parade takes place on Sunday, the day before Columbus Day, showcasing over 18,000 masqueraded, dancing along the route. The festivities kick off at 11 am and end at 11 pm. The parade features two separate contests: Parade of the Bands and The Music Truck. Both of them are judged by expert and celebrity judges. The winner is awarded the "Band of the Year" title and gets a sizable cash prize. The celebration also includes The Kings, Queens, and Individuals costume competitions, bringing attention to the most elaborate and flamboyant costumes, winning sizable cash prizes.

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