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Best time to go to Guyana

Mashramani 2023

A flamboyant carnival floods the streets of Georgetown on Guyana's Republic Day


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Mashramani Day, or Mash for short, literally means "the celebration of a job well done" and commemorates the big day when Guyana became a Republic—February 23, 1970. So yearly on this date, the Guyanese throw colorful carnival festivities throughout the country. Prepare to see vibrant parades, featuring masquerade bands, traditional calypso dancers, and steel drums. The festivities start before dawn and last until sunrise the next day.

For the prime Mashramani experience, you should visit the capital city of Georgetown, which hosts a day-long parade on Vlissengen Road. Besides marching bands, you can enjoy musical performances, sample loads of local foods, and engage in street games. The flag-raising ceremony draws about 20,000 spectators. Besides, the city constantly invents new ways to celebrate, such as a film festival or a fashion week.

Apart from Georgetown, you can visit some spectacular Mash events in other destinations, namely Linden and New Amsterdam. What's more, these towns herald the Republic Day a week later, so you won't have to make this tricky choice between a mass celebration in the capital and more local ones. Instead, stay longer and take in all of Guyana's culture and heritage. For more information, check the official websites (see External Resources below).

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