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Guyana Carnival 2023

A premium Georgetown celebration filled with glitzy costumes, frolic, and revelry

Dates: May 23–25, 2023

Guyana Carnival is a privately owned festival that takes place annually in Georgetown. The boisterous and vibrant festivities extend over a week and lure thousands of attendees to Guyana's capital. The program features themed parties, competitions, and shows highlighting local culture. But the most anticipated part of the celebration comes with the grand costume street parade.

In addition to the colorful and carefree masquerade, the festival-goers will be able to indulge in Guyanese cuisine, traditional music, and other entertainment, fused with the flavors of Guyana and the Caribbean. Additionally, the guests to Guyana can try boat rides, take tours to some of the most spectacular tourist attractions, and enjoy a number of fun activities. More information on the schedule of events is provided on the official website (see External Resources below).

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