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Limón Carnival 2024

Taking place in the port city of Limon, the carnival celebrates nice weather and joy of life

Dates: October 12, 2024 (unconfirmed)

Limón Carnival

The port city of Limon on the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica shows off its unique culture every fall. When the area experiences a short period of dry weather in October, it's the exact time when the carnival starts with its decadent floats and dancing. Suitable for everyone, the festival offers a unique experience of the local culture​ with parades, loud Caribbean rhythms, rum, and dancing.

The Carnival usually spans an entire week attracting visitors with its vibrant colors, dances and musical entertainment. Music bands, called cimarrona, start entertaining crowds from early morning and go on till late at night. Another attraction is delicious food such as "Rica and Beans" in Costa-Rican Gallo Pinto style with coconut and Caribbean spices. Also, try local sweets, called cajeta. An art fair showcases works by local artists and craftsmen.

Puerto Limon is a multi-cultural city with a large Afro-Caribbean population, residents of European and Asian descent, and indigenous people. The Dia de las Culturas, of the Carnival, celebrated on October 12, features various traditional music genres, dances and singing. The most popular genre is Calypso, an Afro-Caribbean music originating from Trinidad and Tobago.

The Carnival features the election of its queen and a few parades including Children's Parade, where participants wear large handmade masks. Festivities also include various games and competitions for all ages. Rass’Em is a popular game during the carnival. A person wearing a large mask has to catch someone, and then it's his turn to wear the mask.

Grand Parade marks the culmination of festivities on the last day of the celebration. Each day of the carnival ends with a spectacular fireworks display.

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