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Poas Volcano in Costa Rica

Arenal may be the most visited volcano, but Poas is definitely the most spectacular!

Best time: January–April

Poas Volcano
Poas Volcano
Poas Volcano

Being 2,708 m high, Poas is considered to be one of the largest and most active volcanoes in Costa Rica. It features a huge 1.6 km crater full of water and sulfuric pool bubbles. Being active, this volcano also causes geysers exploding and reaching up to 250 m high.

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What is the size of Poas Volcano?

With a height of 2,708 meters, Poas Volcano is one of the largest in Costa Rica. Its crater is as vast as 1.6 km, and it is usually full of water and sulfuric pool bubbles. The geysers of the volcano can go as high as 250 meters. Poas Volcano is an active volcano that is believed to be the most active in the country. Show more

What is the altitude of Poas Volcano?

Poas Volcano, one of the highest volcanoes in Costa Rica, stands at 2,708 meters. The volcano is located in a national park that has a cloud forest at its base. The Resplendent Quetzal and the Three-wattled Bellbird are examples of unusual wildlife in the area. Tourists visiting the park have the opportunity to hike through the woodland and see volcanic sites, such as the crater. Show more

How often does Poas Volcano erupt?

As one of Costa Rica's most active volcanoes, Poas Volcano bricks usually erupt frequently. Though major eruptions happen, most outbursts are minimal and have no significant consequences. In 2017 the park was closed for significant months due to the last tremendous eruption. Monitoring of the volcano's activity is a continuous exercise, and if necessary, park closure is prompt. Show more

What is the distance between Poas and Arenal Volcano?

Poas and Arenal Volcano are in the Central Highlands of Costa Rica, approximately 174 km apart - a roughly four-hour drive. They are separated by a few national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Arenal Volcano is the country's most visited volcano, but Poas Volcano is equally exciting and worth visiting during your stay in the area. Show more

When is the best time to visit Poas Volcano?

The period between January to April is the best time to pay a visit to Poas Volcano. During this period, the weather is usually bright, and the humidity is low, which makes viewing the crater more magnificent. It is the peak season, and a lot of people usually visit, so it is recommended to arrive early to avoid crowds. The park usually opens from 8 am to 3 pm every day, check the park's website to be informed if it is closed due to volcanic activity. Show more

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