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Volcano Boarding

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Near the city of Leon in Nicaragua, there's a relatively young volcano called Cerro Negro. Its surface of small black rocks is used in an unusual way. People from all over the world come here to try something crazy: to race down on a piece of wood.

The adventure starts with a 700 m hike up the volcano to the 'drop zone' where the race begins. The best way to ride the board is to sit down, as if on a sled. This way you'll go faster and stay in control by holding a rope in front of the board.

You can try volcano boarding year round, rain or shine. Although be prepared for some heat and wind. Apart from the board, the organisers provide protective gear that includes an overall, goggles and gloves. These are crucial since little pieces of rock can make real damage. Controlling your speed is also very important, it's better not to experiment because the slope is long and steep.

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