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Domuyo Volcano

If you have an adventurous spirit and good stamina, explore the active Domuyo Volcano which still shakes and rumbles


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Stratovolcano Domuyo is the highest peak of Patagonia. Its huge mass is visible most of the central Andes of Chile. It is also called "the roof of Patagonia." This volcano gets its name from its geothermal activity and means "who shakes and sounds" and is of Mapuche origin.

Within the large caldera, 15 km wide, there are 14 dacitic lava domes and other eruptive centres. Domuyo Volcano is situated in the northeast of the province of Neuquén. It is surrounded by glaciers largely on its slopes towards the south and south-east. It is also quite famous for its hot springs with healing properties for arthritis and skin problems. There are also small geysers, beautiful waterfalls, and fountains in Las Olletas, Los Tachos, and Aguas Calientes. You can climb Domuyo Volcano by foot or horseback but this trip requires a local guide.

We recommend undertaking the extreme mountain adventure to Domuyo Volcano during the dry season, from October to April when the climate is mild. If you could arrange it for the period between November and March, it would be safer. Climbing season is restricted to December–March.

There is a legend of Mapuche origin that Domuyo Volcano was the home of the white woman who fell in love with the Sun, making him forget his first native lover. It is also said that in an enchanted lake at the top of the volcano lived a beautiful young woman guarded by a red bull and a black horse. There were large quantities of gold, but those who approached the treasure paid with their lives for the ambition to possess it.

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