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ATTENTION! On December 9, 2019 the volcano eruption occurred. Active marine volcano amazes with bubbling mud pits, multicolored mountains, green lakes, and hot steams


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White Island is renowned as the only active New Zealand's marine volcanic area, spotted with the numerous bubbling mud pits, green crater lakes, extremely hot steams that reach 800 °C, stunning multicolored rock formations, abundant yellow sulphur crystals, hot thermal streams and lava bombs - it boils, hisses, steams and vapors all around. In the past, there was a sulphur mining factory, now its remains may be observed near the crater's edge. Extremely bizarre White Island is located 50 km off the coast. It rises a thousand feet into the sky, stretches over 2 km across and might be reached by a boat or a helicopter. The tours are offered throughout the year, depending on the weather conditions, but the best time to experience a 6-hour adventure and discover the wonder of nature is definitely warm season from September through April as not only the weather is more favorable, but also blue sky contrasting with island's splendid colors enables the visitors to take exceptionally picturesque photos.

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