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Padar Island

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A small island located between Rinca and Komodo island is the third largest island that is part of Komodo National Park. It has no Komodo dragons, but its famous for unique white, pink and black sand beaches.

Padar Island is covered by savannah hills. The steep volcanic mountains covered with bushes and grassland lead to deep bays with beaches of different colours, popular with scuba divers. Its main three turquoise bays have amazing beaches: one is white, another charcoal black and a third is soft pink. The black beach has a volcanic origin, while the pink consists of red coral mixed with white sand.

The best time is April–June and also the dry season; September–November. July and August are very crowded and December to March is too rainy. Padar is about 30 km (20 ml) from Labuan Bajo, a fishing town on the westernmost part of Flores. Take a 30-min hike to Padar's summit to see the whole island.

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