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Best time to travel to Tasmania

Bruny Island Neck

A beautiful nature reserve and isthmus connecting north and south parts of the Bruny Island


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A narrow sandy isthmus between the south and north of Bruny Island in Tasmania is a charming and quiet site. The Neck, as it is called, is also a gorgeous nature reserve, important wildlife habitat.

The Neck Game Reserve is a place where you can find short-tailed shearwaters and fairy penguins. The best places for viewing are located up the Timber stairs, at the Truganini Memorial. Just climb up some 279 steps and enjoy a stunning 360-degree view.

Most popular months to visit Bruny Island Neck are from September–February when the weather is warmer and your chances of seeing the penguins are higher. Dusk is a perfect time for observing wildlife and there are special tours organized during high season.

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