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Watching World Smallest Penguins in Tasmania

It is a lifetime experience at the edge of the world

Best time: October–April

Watching World Smallest Penguins
Watching World Smallest Penguins

Real-life experience meeting world's smallest penguins is another Tasmanian best. To see the most of them, experienced penguin-watchers recommend visiting Point Sorell, Bruny Island and the town named after these amazing creatures - Penguin. Lillico Beach has even got a viewing platform for you to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Don't forget that penguins particularly like evenings, so don't hesitate to take a romantic walk alongside them. And make sure you have a camera to capture them stomping across the seashore.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Tasmania to watch penguins?

Observing Penguins in Tasmania is best between October to April. The period marks the breeding season of the little penguins. The evenings witness activities of penguins moving between the ocean and their burrows. However, unpredictable weather conditions can affect penguin sightings; hence travellers should monitor the local weather forecast before their trip. Show more

Where are the best places to watch penguins in Tasmania?

Observing penguins in Tasmania is possible at amusing sites like Point Sorell, Bruny Island, and Penguin, the coastal town named after these stunning creatures grabbing tourists' attention. Lillico Beach offers amazing views from its viewing platform. Although reports can predict the penguin's location, their presence cannot be guaranteed. Show more

How can I ensure that I see the smallest penguins while in Tasmania?

Penguins are wild creatures with uncertain occurrences of appearance. However, the probability of seeing them can be increased by making a trip at the breeding time-October-April evenings. While present, it's essential to avoid noises or movements that can scare them away, thus enabling tourists to watch and admire these charming creatures quietly. Show more

Are there any specific rules and regulations that should be followed while watching penguins in Tasmania?

Guidelines must be strictly adhered to during the penguin-viewing trip in Tasmania. Visitors must maintain a distance of at least 4m from penguins and avoid using flashes when taking photos, touching or having contact with the penguins is strictly prohibited, and violators face penalties. Show more

What is the recommended attire and equipment needed for watching penguins in Tasmania?

To watch penguins in Tasmania, it's essential to wear dark and warm clothing that prevents cold and glare from discouraging the penguins from coming ashore. Observers must carry equipment such as torches, headlamps, sturdy hiking shoes, and cameras to capture and preserve their favourite moments. Additionally, binoculars increase viewing range and maintain a safe distance from penguins. Show more

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