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Lambing Season in England 2025

Learn more about lambing or just see little lambs up close in springtime on English farms

Best time: March–May

Lambing Season
Lambing Season
Lambing Season

When walking in rural England in the spring, sometimes you can find a sign "Lambing!" on gates or fences. It refers to the time when sheep give birth to lambs.

Hall Hill Farm in Durham has its annual Lambing Live Open Day in late March or early April. The farm is open for visitors from 10:30 am to 5 pm showing the lamb births as they happen. The kids would definitely enjoy seeing newborns with their moms in the maternity barn. Similar experiences are offered at Coombes Farm in Lancing, Sussex, Saddlescombe Farm in West Sussex, Gaston Farm in Slindon, and Pitney's Glebe Farm in Langport, South Somerset.

Lambing is a busy time for any farmer and it occurs from late winter until late spring. It's also a lovely time for kids! Reward them with a visit to a farm so that they can see how nature works. You can even participate in bottle feeding the lambs. You can clench them, pat their soft swirled wool. Lambs are very attentive and watch the visitors intently. They often run in pairs. Adult lambs are not particularly shy, but they won't allow you to get too close to them.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit England for the lambing season?

Migrations of sheep in England are usually in March to May. This is the period when newborn lambs typically arrive. Although the lambing time may vary depending on the farm and region, lands almost never have fixed dates. Thus, to guarantee, you must visit farm websites that offer lambing exposure to know the particular time and date. Show more

Where are the best places to see lambs up close in England?

Various farms offer lambs showing services in England, including Coombes Farm in Lancing, Sussex, Saddlescombe Farm in West Sussex, Hall Hill Farm in Durham, Gaston Farm in Slindon, and Pitney's Glebe Farm in Langport, South Somerset. Throughout the lambing period, these farms offer lambing experiences that allow visitors to see friendly lamb and mother interactions closely, including bottle feeding experiences. Show more

How long is lambing season in England?

Traditionally, lambing season in England lasts between late winter to late spring, approximately from March to May. However, various farms may have different lambing seasons, so it's necessary to check with each farm or business to know their specific time and dates of lambing season. Show more

Can visitors participate in bottle feeding the lambs?

At the lambing experiences provided by some farms, visitors can participate in bottle feeding newborn lambs, ensuring they have a more intimate encounter. Hall Hill Farm in Durham, Coombes Farm in Lancing, and Saddlescombe Farm in West Sussex are the go-to farms if you're seeking this experience. Show more

What other activities can visitors enjoy during lambing season on English farms?

In addition to watching the lambing process and bottle-feeding the lambs, there are also play areas specifically designed for children's enjoyment, while their guardians relax and oversee. Farm tours provide tractor rides or pony rides for long-enduring outdoor pleasure for visitors, and souvenirs such as woolen products and homemade jams and chutneys are also accessible for sale. Show more

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