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Goats of Souss Valley in Morocco

The most hilarious and astonishing thing you might see in Morocco is the goat trees

Best time: June

Goats of Souss Valley
Goats of Souss Valley
Goats of Souss Valley

Attracted by the argan fruit that appears in June, the goats climb the argan tree to get their treat. However, once they are on top, they are too afraid to get down, so they just stay like this. The sight deserves to be called a comedy! Do you think you can pick the goats when they are ripe?

Practical info

What is the argan fruit that the goats are attracted to?

Growing exclusively in southwestern Morocco, the argan fruit is small, oval, and bitter. During the dry season, the fruit holds the primary food source for goats that feed on it, particularly attracted to its high nutritional content. The fruit undergoes a complex process to extract argan oil, a product with significant cosmetic and culinary value. Show more

Why do goats climb argan trees in Morocco?

Argan trees in Morocco are the only trees where goats can climb to eat the fruit during the dry season. Their unique climbing abilities allow them to feed on the fruit which helps produce argan oil. Goats also help farmers maintain trees by eating low-hanging leaves, avoiding overgrazing, and aiding in the digestive process, which breaks down the fruit's hard outer layer. Show more

How do local farmers benefit from the goats on trees?

The Argan groves of Morocco are vital because they preserve the area's bio-diversity and provide economic opportunities. Farmers benefit from goats on trees in two ways. Firstly, goats eating trees' low-hanging leaves helps maintain their growth. Secondly, the farm animals feed on the Argan fruit, a crucial ingredient in the long and complex Argan oil production process. Argan fruit consumption helps the goats' digestion, and the hard nut remaining after fermentation is collected and used for oil extraction. Show more

Are there other places in Morocco where one can see goat trees?

Southwestern Morocco remains the only place where goats are famous for climbing Argan trees so they can eat the fruit. Meanwhile, goats can climb almond and olive trees, which are widespread in the area, though these trees are not as tall as Argan trees. Despite that, Argan trees' height makes them the most sought after place to witness this phenomenon and photograph it. Show more

When is the best time to visit Morocco to witness the goat trees phenomenon?

June and July are when the Argan fruit ripens and attracts large numbers of goats to climb the trees. Excellent lighting conditions in the early morning and late afternoon make the photogenic sight of goats on trees even more impressive during this season. Undoubtedly, the preservation of the animals' tranquility remains a priority, making it essential not to disturb and photograph them only from a safe distance. Show more

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