Best time to go to Morocco

New Year's Eve 2024-2025

Morocco has one of the most exotic NYE celebrations in the world. Don't miss it!

Dates: December 31

Morocco is a mix of different cultures, a country with mind-blowing places, and a busy nightlife hub. The country has many places to welcome the New Year, but in this article, we'll focus on the main three. So let's see what's in store for you!


Marrakesh, which is north of the Atlas Mountains, is the most lively city in Morocco. On New Year's Eve, the city centre features special events, like belly dancing shows, authentic music concerts, and bazaar specials. During the last day of the year, there will be many people here selling delicious food, drinks, traditional leather water bags, brass cups, and other things. This way, you won't be left without a souvenir.


Many people say that Casablanca is the best Moroccan place to spend New Year's Eve. On this day, you can walk around the city, taste delicious food, and enjoy stunning local architecture. In addition, you may want to visit the Casablanca Twin Center, from which you can see the beautiful sights of the city in all its magnificence.


Saidia is a popular beach on the coast of the Mediterranean in Morocco. We suggest going to Saidia on New Year's Eve if you want to avoid loud parties and crowded celebrations. Thus, if you're coming to Morocco with your little ones, Saidia is probably your best destination.

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