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Manchester New Year's Eve 2023-2024

Round off the old year with an amazing fireworks display in Manchester

Manchester New Year's Eve
Manchester New Year's Eve
New Year fireworks in Manchester

Manchester is one of the best destinations in England for the holidays. The city center, especially Albert Square, Piccadilly Gardens, and Cathedral Gardens, is lavishly decorated with Christmas light displays. Manchester's bars and clubs are buzzing with life, offering special menus and various events to celebrate New Year's Eve. Hotels and rooftop bars are among the most popular venues to celebrate in style and watch the fireworks.

Manchester boasts several large party venues. The Warehouse Project hosts a popular New Year's Eve party, held at Depot at Manchester’s historic former railway Mayfield. An industrial setting plus an excellent music lineup is a recipe for a successful New Year's all-nighter, which lasts from 8 pm to 4 am.

Another popular venue is The O₂ Victoria Warehouse in Old Trafford. The club, which is made up of two storage warehouses, hosts a popular dance party Clubland New Year's Eve.

The most massive celebration in Manchester takes place on December 31, around 11 pm, right before the spectacular New Year's Eve fireworks. The fireworks, which last for about 10 minutes, can usually be seen over the gorgeous 13-century Manchester Cathedral on Victoria Street. The event is alcohol-free, but there's music and various entertainment. The New Year Countdown starts on the giant screen right before midnight.

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