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Chinese New Year in Manchester 2024

The weekend full of fun, culminating with the colorful Dragon Parade

Dates: February 10–11, 2024

Chinese New Year in Manchester
Chinese New Year in Manchester
Dragon Parade in Chinatown
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Manchester Chinatown is the second-largest in the United Kingdom, and every year it becomes the epicenter of massive Lunar New Year celebrations that attract thousands of people. The holiday weekend in Manchester is packed with entertainment and fun activities.

Dragon Parade (February 11, 2024)

The main highlight of the Spring Festival in Manchester is the iconic Dragon Parade. which features a 175-ft (53-m) dragon dancing through the street, followed by drummers and musicians. The parade starts at 12:00 pm at St Peter’s Square, just by Central Library, and then winds through Manchester Chinatown, decorated with red lanterns and golden ornaments.

Throughout the festive weekend, Manchester Chinatowns hosts many martial arts demonstrations, dances, music, and acrobatic performances. Plenty of themed events are also taking place at the Art Gallery and Central Library. In addition, many restaurants on Nicholas Street, George Street, and Faulkner Street offer holiday specials.

Piccadilly Gardens become full of colors, music, and delicious foods. St Anne’s Square reminds Little China while hosting a street market, cozily illuminated by lanterns. The stalls offer Chinese holiday delicacies and crafts. Tiger Bar is a good place to sit down, have a beer, and enjoy the holiday atmosphere everywhere.

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