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Lunar New Year 2023

The festival is associated with colorful street performances, lion dances, red colors, and a plentitude of seasonal dainties


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Chinese New Year marks the most sublime festivities known in Singapore, which reunite families and friends and the city bursts into a great​ revelry.

The celebration is all about colourful symbolic processions, lion dances, red decorations, crimson festive dressings and scarlet present wrappages, lots of mandarines, seasonal markets and dainties and a plenty of merriments in the streets.

The season offers a unique opportunity to feast on such mouth-watering specialties as buttery pineapple tarts, prune lapis or spiced cake, rolled egg biscuits with a lovely name "crisp love letters" and coconut cookies known as kueh bangkit.

In addition to traditional Lunar New Year's sweets, you may also savor spicy shrimp rolls and sweet pork jerky named 'bak kwa'. Chinese New Year is celebrated between late January and mid-February, it is also referred to as Spring Festival.

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