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Chingay Parade 2024 in Singapore

This awe-inspiring street performance is more entertaining than any kind of circus

Dates: February 23-24, 2025

Chingay Parade
Chingay Parade
Chingay Parade

Lovable and liveable Singapore strikes with the greatest and most pompous parade throughout Asia. Chingay is a Mandarin word, meaning "the art of costume and masquerade" in the Hokkien dialect, and the Chingay Parade definitely lives up to the concept. The annual two-day show spans two days in January or February close to Chinese New Year. In fact, the event originated in 1973 as a festival to ring in CNY, but over the years, has evolved into a large celebration of Singapore's diversity.

The captivating entertainment is due to start at 8 pm at F1 Pit Building. The first performances produce a warming-up effect, yet every next group of artists evokes excitement among the audience, presenting more dance and music, more performers in unusual costumes, more sound and color, more decorations and lights, more fireworks and salutes, more floats, stilt walkers, and flying dragons.

Eventually, the atmosphere in the street is heated to such an unbelievable extent that the air seems to be about to blow up. All in all, the parade features 11,000 colorful performances, which reflect both traditional cultures of Singaporean diverse population, consisting of Chinese, Indian, Indonesian​, Malay, and other communities, as well as modern pop culture characters, including Darth Vader or Marilyn Monroe, waving from the rear car seat.

To attend Chingay Parade, you need to buy a ticket. Prices differ from $20 t0 $60. You can purchase them by the link below, listed in the External Resources. Also, consider booking a stay nearby for the most comfortable experience.

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