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Chinese New Year 2024

Celebrated by millions of Chinese Indonesians this holiday brings lots of color and joy

Dates: February 9–10, 2024

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year

Indonesia has millions of ethnic Chinese citizens so Chinese New Year's celebrations called Imlek are a national holiday, though they are still unofficial. Pontianak, Medan, and Jakarta have large Chinese communities that celebrate the Lunar New year on a large scale with tons of red decorations on homes and firecrackers. Temples become crowded with people making offerings. The oldest Chinese temple in Jakarta, Wihara Dharma Bhakti is located on Petak Sembilan in the Kota district, Jakarta's Chinatown. Large temple celebrations also occur in Mangga Besar, Pluit, and in the Boen Tek Nio Temple in Tangerang.

Lion Dance

Public Barongsai or the Lion Dance is not typical for Indonesia. Lion and dragon dance performers are usually called to private parties or homes. Barongsai dancers arrive in groups of 10 people with drummers and orchestra. Some shopping malls in Jakarta also feature lion dance performances.

Traditional food

Traditional foods of Chinese families in Indonesia include whole fish, oysters, shrimp. Indonesian Chinese originating from Shanghai prefer egg skin dumplings and bean sprouts. Other delicacies include 'Zong zi'—glutinous rice wrapped in reed leaves and candied melon.

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