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Chinese New Year 2023

The largest Lunar New Year celebration in Scotland

Chinese New Year

Edinburgh holds an impressive Chinese New Year celebration every year, between late January and late February. The program of the festivities is rich with cultural events and entertainment, including art installations, concerts, walking trails, and various activities.

Don't miss sight of the gorgeous Edinburgh Castle, which is embellished in red to mark the Chinese New Year! Another highlight of the celebration in Edinburgh is the official Chinese New Year Gala Concert. It usually features Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra and Chinese performers, such as Guizhou Song and Dance Troupe, Qindao Opera House Symphony Orchestra or Chinese Children's Orchestra.

The Royal Botanic Garden and Edinburgh Zoo often host special events dedicated to the most important Chinese celebration. The Great Lanterns of China exhibit at Edinburgh Zoo, featuring giant illuminated Chinese and Scottish mythical creatures, has been drawing rather large crowds.

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