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Beltane Fire Festival 2020

Celebrate the arrival of summer with music, bonfires, and uninhibited behaviour

Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh 2020 - Best Time


The Beltane Fire Festival it is a huge opportunity to celebrate the arrival of summer like ancient Celtics. At a first glance, it may seem weird to dance around gigantic bonfires, but you do not have to join if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh - Best Season 2020

However, some folks prefer to rip their clothes off and dance naked around the fire. Since the celebration is about the earthly delights, you will also have the opportunity to taste baked Beltane bannocks.

Best time for Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh 2020

The May Queen and the Green Man lead the procession from the National Monument to the Bel Fire place. The audience watches the dramatic stage performance depicting the inception of summer, and afterward the May Queen and Green Man symbolise the birth of summer by lighting a huge bonfire. You can sit back, learn more about the handfasting and watch as performers enact the ritual of lighting the sacred Bel Fire. The thrilling night ends with a dance at the Bower where couples are handfasted.

Best time to see Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh 2020

The Festival is traditionally held on the Calton Hill in Edinburgh on the last day of April.

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