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The Loony Dook 2025

Would you plunge into the icy waters in the middle of winter?

Dates: January 1

The Loony Dook
The Loony Dook

If you are an adventurer at heart and you set your mind to do crazy things, then Loony Dook on January 1 is your thing. Well, loony is short for "lunatic" and dook refers to Scottish "dip" or "bathe". The event is all about the hundreds of fancy-dressed revellers throwing themselves into the icy waters of the Firth of Forth in South Queensferry. This dive is considered by many an excellent hangover cure from the excess of whiskey and other spirits, drunk the night before, on Hogmanay, the Scottish New Year's Eve.

The Loony Dook typically opens with a Dookers' Fancy Dress Parade, so wearing a costume is necessary. The possibilities are endless and you can either go for a black tie suit, or transform into Santa, a Viking, or a flamingo. The dookers are greeted by a band of bagpipers, and everything reaches its peak with the mad dash into the icy waters.

The revelry lures hundreds of dookers along with several thousands of curious spectators to cheer up the daring ones. You can either challenge yourself and take a plunge too, or alternatively just behold the extraordinary action from the beach.

The celebration is an annual occasion, happening on the New Year's Day. But even if the organizers don't throw the official event, you can pretty always count on the "unofficial" Dook, similar to the traditional one. Thus, check with the Loony Dook's Facebook, announcing all updates and timing details first. Lastly, as for your stay nearby, the accommodations' map might be useful, showcasing all available vacation rentals in the vicinity.

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