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La Sciuta di San Sebastiano 2024

The celebration of San Sebastiano in Sicily can easily top every patron saint festival in the whole Italy

Dates: August 10

La Sciuta di San Sebastiano

The festival celebrates San Sebastiano, who was tied to a pole and struck with arrows because of his Christianity. The intriguing festivities of San Sebastiano include all kinds of traditional oddities shaped by the Sicilian culture. Even the blessing of babies, who are often naked, does not seem to fall out of the picture. One of the most gripping things about the festivities is the "sciuta", or "exit", when the statue of San Sebastiano is put on a cart to "exit" the church. Army men dressed in white and red carry it on their shoulders while the fanfares are ringing. The celebration takes place in the eastern town Palazzolo Acreide and may last over a week.

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