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Corpus Christi 2023

Amazing works of art made from flowers and other greenery decorate the towns around the Canary Islands for only a few days each year. Don't miss a chance to see them

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The famous Catholic holiday "Corpus Christi" is celebrated all over the world, but you'll never forget what you'll see in Villa de Mazo. People from all the surrounding villages create real masterpieces, made entirely of flowers. They collect the materials and work on it weeks in advance. Each village is supposed to make an archway, a carpet, and a little altar. These marvellous​ pieces of art are usually decorated with petals, leaves, and seeds. The main feast day is ten weeks after Ma​undy Thursday. At this time the archways are prepared during the night from Wednesday to Thursday, and stay up until Sunday. On Sunday a special church procession goes around the archways. The priest, holding the blessed water in the monstrance, walks on the carpets while everyone else walks on the sides. When he reaches each archway, he puts the monstrance on the little altar, kneels, and wafts incense around. Thousands of people observe this procession. Mazo in La Palma is one of the best places to become a part of this traditional fiesta. Also, the northern Tenerife town of La Orotava celebrates this holiday since 1846 and is renown for its carpets. Arucas in Gran Canaria has famous carpets as well. You'll be fascinated by the colour and fragrances of this holiday as they saturate different towns.

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