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Sea of Clouds

May–October • nature

A jaw-dropping scene of the "mar de nubes" is offered on the highest peaks

Fiestas del Charco

September 11 • event

Enjoy unforgettable emotions of this day full of fun. This fiesta of joy is one must visit during your Canary vacations

Diving and Snorkelling​

March–October • activity

Take a deep breath and dive into the diversity of the amazing underwater world of the Canarian coast

Beach Season

March–November • activity

The best climate for beach holidays, with over 3,000 hours of the sunshine​ per year, awaits you


September–April • activity

Catch some waves and glide over the waters of the Atlantic

Natural Rock Pools

March–November • activity

Natural rock pools of volcanic origin offer a peaceful and very relaxing swim for everybody

Wine Season

July–October • food

An exotic way of growing vines and the fabulous tastes of dried​ and sweets is truly a highlight of the islands

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

June–September • activity

Grab your board and catch the wind at the best windsurfing destination in Europe

Walking the Maspalomas Dunes

February–October • activity

Amazing landscapes of sun, sand, and ocean

Spanish Ham (Jamón) with Melon

May–September • food

A simple but beautiful and healthy summer snack

Mango Season

June–December • food

A sweet fruit for breakfast for the sweetest mornings

Cenobio de Valeron

all year round (except Mondays and holidays) • activity

A unique system of caves hidden​ in the volcanic mountain is open for visitors once again


September–October • food

Don't miss the chance to try various desserts with papaya, or just eat it fresh


September–November • food

Add a delicious sauce made of almonds to your ice-cream or morning toast and feel the taste of autumn in Gran Canaria

Tuno or Prickly Pear

August–September • food

Amazing cactus fruits that can make a great dessert or tasty ice-cream



March | August • activity

The clear night sky and amazing stars and meteor showers attract many visitors to the Canaries

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival

March 05, 2019 • event

Enjoy the beautiful beaches and carnival fun during the Gran Canaria Carnival

Walking Festivals

May 22–26, 2018 • activity

Want to see the most interesting parts of the island? Just take part in the next Gran Canaria Walking Festival or Tenerife Walking Festival


all year | April 29, 2018 | May 06, 2018 • food

Watch the process of cheese making, learn some unique techniques, or just visit the dairy and try some of the world's finest cheeses

Orange Harvest

October–May • food

Drink orange juice and eat as much fruit as you can during your Canarian vacations


November–March • food

This milled grain resembling wholegrain flour can be mixed with anything from water to broth, oil, and even honey—depending on what you want to obtain—a soup, a porridge, or a dessert

Epiphany or Three Kings' Day

January 05–January 06 • event

Try out a new, fresh way of celebrating Epiphany on the Kings' Day eve. The most beloved holiday for children in Canaria

Anchovies in Vinegar (Boquerones en Vinagre)

June–August • food

It is especially pleasant to go to the bar on a hot summer day, drink a glass of ice-cold beer and eat Boquerones en Vinagre!

Wrinkled Potatoes or Papas Arrugadas

mid-January–mid-June • food

Some of you might sceptically say: "They won't impress me with potatoes." But don't be so hasty—baby potatoes cooked in sea salt are listed among 7 gastronomical marvels of Spain

Christmas Belén or Nativity Scene

December 24–December 25 • event

Want to celebrate Christmas in a different way? Go to the Canary Islands and it will definately be like no other year


December–March • activity

A huge variety of birds come to these beautiful forests and charming coasts for their winter holidays


January–March • activity

Various routes and diverse landscapes on every island offer some new and unforgettable experiences. A real adventure on the wheels awaits you

Almond Trees in Bloom

late January–early February • nature

Enjoy the beauty of delicate rosy flowers on a green background of fresh new grass in the middle of winter

Atlantic Canary Breeding

April–June • nature

A charming little symbol of the Canary Islands