Best season to travel to Canary Islands

Tuno or Prickly Pear

Amazing cactus fruits that can make a great dessert or tasty ice-cream


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Opuntia ficus-indicia​ or Prickly Pears can be used in dye production, medicine, as well as food. Large sweet fruits are called cactus fruits or tunas in Spanish. These fruits can be eaten raw, made into jams and jellies, and even used in making ice-cream, desserts, as well as drinks and smoothies. There are two main types grown in the Canary Islands: small red skin tuno indio and tu​nos that can be green, yellow, orange, or red. Tunos are rich in Vitamin C and have an 85% water content.

Tuno or Prickly Pear in Canary Islands - Best Season 2020
Best time for Tuno or Prickly Pear in Canary Islands 2020