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Queen Victoria was ready to bestow knighthood for the hero who could bring her sweet juicy Mangosteen

Mangosteen in Singapore 2019 - Best Time
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Mangosteen is called the "queen of the fruit" and is praised for its refreshing taste. Its purple-black coat encloses four to eight white sweet and slightly acidic juicy segments. According to the legend, when English Queen Victoria found out about this exotic fruit growing far away in the southeast Asia, she promised to bestow knighthood on the one who could bring her a Mangosteen.

Mangosteen in Singapore - Best Season 2019

However, all attempts were doomed to failure, as the delicate fruit always spoilt during the journey from Asia to Europe, that took months in the 19th century. The fruit comes into season from May to August. The husk of a ripe Mangosteen opens by gentle squeezing on either side​. The fruit is likely to sprinkle, and its stains are not easy to remove. If the rind does not open, it means the fruit is still green and needs a few more days to ripen.