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Cornelian Cherries or Drenjine

Have you ever heard about a berry which looks like a red olive and has a special taste like…like none other?


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Cornelian cherries or cornels or cornus mas—you can call them as you wish. The Montenegrin name for it is “drenjine,” which is quite difficult to pronounce. These berries are grown and consumed mostly in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, so for people from other parts of the planet this fruit may seem pretty exotic. Montenegro with its warm climate is a perfect place for this plant. Cornelian cherries are widespread mostly in central regions; you can easily find bright red bushes in almost every village there. Of course, markets are full of these berries too. Locals do not only eat cornels, they make tasty syrups and even wine of it. So if you want to enjoy a rich harvest of this fruit, visit Montenegro in September. It is the best time for cornelian cherries there.

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