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Mango Season

A sweet fruit for breakfast for the sweetest mornings


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For centuries, mango and papaya have been growing in the gardens of the Canary Islands. Only since the 1980s have farmers started growing these fruits for commercial purposes. Canarians grow most common species of mangoes​, such as Osteen, Kent, and Keitt. They have an amazing citrus aroma and unforgettable sweetness. These mangoes have reddish-purple skin and are so popular for breakfast during harvest season, which st​arts in late summer and can last till winter. The best months for picking mangoes are September and October.

Mango Season in Canary Islands - Best Season 2020
Unripe mangoes 2020
Unripe mangoes
Ripe and juicy mangoes 2020
Ripe and juicy mangoes
Best time for Mango Season in Canary Islands 2020